The third Millenium

Panorama Of The Third Millennium- Instruktor- (Erbauer)

The science, the technology and the religion are still at the beginnings. A new world is waiting for to be open and purifield. In the near future, new sources of alternative energy will be discovered. A new generation of scientists will show that the least elementary particles, the quarks, are composed of million of pre-atomic crystals, that the big bang has been only an event happened in a preexisting universe and that the crystals of the thin pre-atomic material represent the solution to all the problems that currently torment the humanity. The religion will pass in the hands of the science that it will bring the light a clear truth on the cause in front of every being.

On the mysteries of the life it is said that it dousen´t exist a precise scientific method that allows us to give an answer to the definitive question on the root cause of every being. These opinions correspond only to this truth if they insist on using rough equipments to discover the thin material. Such methods finalized to discover the thin material are comparaple to that of the man that tried to draw water with the sieve. To understand the secret of the cosmos, the man needs first to kearn to think in a cosmic way. The similar one is understood only by the similar one as it is thought by the unsurpassed wisdom of the ancient Greeks. Never as today, has the man apparently been afflisted from problems apparently without solution, which, giving space to pessimistic visions could bring our planet toward an ineluctable catastrophe.

Nevertheless, this fact points out that the humanity he is near a complete a fantastic breakthrough. The archaic patriarchs that were initiated to the mysteries of the life in distant times were clairvoyants and they had ancestral bonds. Only in this way, they have been able to develop religions and advanced civilization. Nervertheless,they succeeded in transmitting their knowledge to large number ofpeople only via symbols. This symbolism is, to everything today, still waiting for demystification. The intellect of the man is by now come to such a point of maturation that is ready to welcome the last truth. It is able to complete a further footstep toward the future to enter a new world, still unexplored. Two thausend years ago St. John the Evangelist began to the greatest some mysteries with the words

At the beginning it was the Verb, and the Verb was near God, and the Verb was God, He was at the beginning near God. All has been done through him  and without him nothing has been done  of all of this that exists.

Nobody has to thinkthat the mind with his miserable five senses is enough. In addition, the science has to  overcome its aversion against the so-called one „irrational“ to knowingly meet the own inning. In the same moment in which the man asks to himself „Who am I?“ beats the first time of the agony of theanimal gregarious conscience is the greatest conquest of the Spirit of the world ofthe Conscience of the universe. With this extraordinary success indeed the main point has been reached. Nevertheless, the road is in the rising, is still long, and flood of rock-cliffs. It is the way toward a continuous growth and amplification of our conscience, of the life, of the knowledge and of the wisdom, whose first steps were and still are the faith and an experimental science The fact that only the union between man and woman is able to create life it is well known and it seems banal to mention you. The fact that only the union between human conscience and spiritual conscience can bring perfect fruits still needs to be recognized. There is the need of well-determined men and women, coming from all the sectors and fields of the knowledge, to be able to conquer the true dimension of the man and to definitely free the man from his/her animal and gregarious state. Only then the man will enter in the technological era, since despite all the progress achieved in this circle, the man seems above all to handle dangerous toys. The elementary particles are not neither the last neither the smallest existing particles, but that, on the contrary, is composed in turn from million of pre-atomic crystals. It belong to this branch of the science to get pure energy without negativeside effects. Alone this future conquest will not only have upsetting consequences on the entire world in economic field, but even more in the political and social arena.

It is not relevant how many spheres of thin material exist inthe universe; all of us all without any exception have them in our inside. Every of these worlds is propagated with its own frequency. The lowest frequency belongs to the heaviest subject. The frequency of our conscience is set on the frequency of the world big subject, in such a way that we are able to perceive it. As a television or a radio, also our conscience  can be tuned in on different frequencies, but without the limits of the technological equuipments. Thereare people that can see the sounds see, or rather that certain sounds appear them as colors in front of their spirituals eye. Others hear instead the internal voices, others have visions. In all thes cases, we are fealing with people that, without knowing it and without wanting it, have a frequency of the tallest and thinnest conscience. Theseare not cases of mental sicknesses, but of people whichthey do not know of their state. This situation of a higher frequency of the conscience usually last only few second or minutes. If this condition persisted, wewould not find us in front of a division of the conscience – the division or the splitting of the conscience doesn´t exist – but of the starting of an adaptation of the conscience to a superior frequency and, therefore, to another world.