The Man, the ape and Darwin

(The origin of biological life.)

All life arises from a homogeneous substance.
This pulp of life lived on the shores.
It corresponded to primeval energy in the physical concept.
It was the sole and common precedent of ALL biological life.
The primordial cells developed in the pulp of life according to the principal of the crystallisation of primeval energy.
The cells joined together, like the original crystals and the first cell combinations came into being.
The mass of life was limited in quality and renewals was not intended.
The reproduction of the cell combinations took place by means of cell division.
Originally no end of the growth was planned.
There was still no food; the compensation of energy took place from inside.
The first primitive forms of life were led by their inherent crystals.
It was the primary instinct.
Mankind developed from the last primeval form of life that developed in the pulp of life.


Anti-Darwinism – Instruktor- (Erbauer)

Homus sapiens (thinking man) takes his evolution into his own hands (science and art). Each species has its own origin. The archaeological findings are worthless, as expressed in the thin branches. The human D N A is a ladder to heaven because, after the death of the nuclear acid, the crystals contained in it are carried on into the world of micro material as one’s own personal experience. Only thus can, in the case of reincarnation, Karma be explained.

Who is Thomas?

A mystic, a theosophist, a medium, an inspired person gifted with cosmic vision. We can truly say that he has all these qualities and even more. He is a guide to the future of humanity, such as can be found at every stage in the development of human understanding. He is a pioneer of our time and will help the spirit of man to a great improvement.

The Austrian, now over 70 years of age, has been living in a secluded modest home, surrounded by the olive groves of an Italian province, for thirty- five years. This brochure is intended to help the reader to a better understanding of his painting. It contains short extracts from his two educational works.

The Messiah Idea

The Divine becomes divinities

(New Revelations, chapter one)

The Process of Individualisation

(New Revelations, chapter three)