The fifth level

Science & Art – Millennium Kristallschau

Herkunft und Evolution des Menschen – Instruktor- (Erbauer)

Gemälde wissenschaftlichen Inhalts – Metaphysik – von Thomas und Ralph

Ur- Energie – Das Leitende Prinzip – Die Erkenntnis kommt in die Welt

Für US amerikanischen Buchmarkt in Deutsch – FOUQUE PUBLISCHERS NEW YORK

Inhalt- Text mit Bilder cirka 93 Seiten

Vom unendlich Kleinen ins unendlich Große – Von den Kristallen zu den Gallaxien

The fifth level

Abrahamthe one GodThora
Jesusthe son of Godthe new will
Mohammedthe last prophetKoran
clearing-upthe brothers of Godcrystal-teachings

The books of Relevations

  New Revelations from old scripts

  The return of the crystal teaching

Science & Art Millennium Crystal exhibition
crystal research
The origin of the visible universe
and the

origin and evolution of man
The autobiography and the plan the spirit of the world

Crystals and micro energy flow the only deliverance

No mystic talents are needed to be able to foresee that humanity is moving towards an abyss. A profounder point of view, however, detects a positive sign. It can see the end of a passing and the birth of new era. A superficial observer could from the opinion that science has taken the wrong path. But that would be only A partially true. In fact this path is the preliminary step towards achieving true knowledge and therefore an inner necessity. The insight of Stone Age ad Bronze Age people did not put them on the wrong track, but was the first necessary step towards a future development. It was the human mind that developed, firstly by applying materials and consequently through the use of technology. The external conditions of an apparently desperate situation provide the incentive for a new challenge to the human intellect. But, as at all times, the birth of new ideas and understanding is a difficult one, even during our epoch. Two works written in German show us the way to a new world. We would like our works to be distributed in English © speaking countries. We are therefore looking for a publisher who would also deal with the translation. We would prefer to be contacted in German or Italian.

The future new german religion!

Reference.: Conventional energy and the energy of the future!

Today´s humans living-wich the power supply concerning still in the Stone age. Also it infers the enery-like its ancestor- from its next environment. It would be at the time that the science the next higher stagee od the evolution erlkimmt without itself against relevant suggestions partially to behave.

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