Science says

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The origin of the visible universe
and the origin and evolution of man
(the autobiography and the plan the spirit of the world)

Science says.

,There are more molecules in a drop of water

than there are galaxies in the universe.”

According to scientific calculations

there must be several billion galaxies

Now we ask!

How many stars and planets are there in a galaxy?
How many atoms are there in a molecule?
How many quarks does an atom consist of?

How many crystals does a quark consist of?


No human brain could ever understand this number.

Therefore the only way to comprehend
the mysteries is contemplation!


The omnipotence of the pre- atomic crystals and their flow of micro energy

The pre- atomic micro octahedron and icosahedron beams offer a free from of alternative energy. Their revolutionary areas of application are mainly to be found in the production of molecular motors, heating and cooling systems and cold source less light, to mention only a few possibilities. The emanation of the micro vibration crystal dematerializes all forms of material and can be used to destroy poisonous substances and nuclear waste. It can also be used to overcome gravity, either partially or totally – especially useful in aviation. The flow of micro energy, used rationally, can support landslide, earthquake and meteorite warning systems.

In the area of communications micro energy can replace conventional methods. Micro energy holds the power to influence meteorological phenomena.

Micro energy is a veritable healing power for mind, spirit and body. It can be made effective by self- influence.
The pre- atomic fine crystals and their radiation are the inner force of nature.
The paintings present us with a faithful representation in both from and colour of visions.

The two educational works “New Revelations from old scripts” and “The Return of the Crystal Teaching” give detailed information about a world as yet unexplored.