Science of the spirit

Science of the spirit and inquisition

The Middle Age was not dark, but obscurity reigned in the cognitive ability of the Moloch of the inquisition, that killed withhout pity the first sciences of the spirit. The evolution always produces in group its own pioneers. This law has been particularly clear in the fields of the painting, of the music, of the philosophy and of the expansionism for the exploration of our planet. The science is the worse antagonist of obsolete religious dogmas. When the first wave of technologists of the spirit submerged Europe, a radical brake was immediately set in. A dreadful number of sensitive people suffered martyrdom („martyr“ in Greek it is he who it suffers the death because of his/Her own or conviction). Those people were not in contact with Satan, but with their own interiority. The visions were mean of communication. The alchemists, defamed as gold fabricators and devoted to the black magic, in truth were the precursors of today´s chemists and would deserve to be rehabilitated. The magicians that illustrated their crystalline visions on the smoothed stones would have pointed out the road toward the pre-atomic world of the crystals. If they had been able to continue on this road, the humanity would have succeeded in recognizing the folly of the atomic mombs and nuclear plants in time. Nevertheless, the spirit was neglected and the science lost away the straight line. The adaptation of the conscience to other spheres non-belonging to the conscience of the thick material was experimented without any training, in this way those non inclusive visions were interpreted as deliriums. Instead of trying to analyze such spiritual experiences – finding in this way the correct path – people burnet the witches that encountered the death on the fire. Nevertheless, the people´s souls reaped in that way have come back and they will keeo on pursuing their mission. Once turned out of the chaos the order will be born. The science of the spirit is again on the prime stage to give life to a science and technology connected to the introspection, of which the humanity has an ever- lasting need.


An Indian legend tells: „A flock of sheep took care of a joung lion that had lost his /her mother when newly- born. For its entire life the lion was convinced to be a sheep. But a night in distance heard the roar of a lion. Then it recognized himself.“

The dark strengths of this world have always been very skilled in to hide to the man its true identity since whereas it ignites the light, the dark Moloch has to leave the throne.

The world is vibration. The whole universe is vibration. The crystals possess a rhythm of oscillation I specify. If we succeed in tuning in our conscience on these delicate vibrations, we will succeed in seeing them and understanding its secret. They will illuminate us the mind and it will be useless to throw himself or herself from a faith to the other or from a teacher to another teacher. They are not of human origin but of cosmic origin.They do not spread false beliefs but they represent the letters of the Spirit of the world. They gradually introduce us to the states of the exictence and the phases of the evolution up to the point that our mind progressively reach the awareness „Yes, it can be only in this way“. Only then, the energies will be released by the doubts and by the ignorance and the enlightened mind will become the path to pass though toward the superior illumination.

Till now it has been possible to file and to fix with brush and colors 50 pre-atomic crystals. These paintings will be delivered to the public in conjunction with a future work. Subsequently we hope to be able to realize all over the world an exchange of experiences with brothers and sisters with similar ideas, so that this work can grow in becoming a benediction for the whole humanity. We are convinced that a hard-working collaboration and disinterested it will still provoke an express movement to this new world and everything to explore.

The Preatomic Crystals Onnipotenza and the flows of thin strength

The octaedric and icosaedric rays represent a source of alternative and free energy. The possible applications would upset the world and they consist in the production of molecular motors, heating and cooling engines, cold light without source etc. With its emanation the pre-atomic crystal vibration dematerialize any subject and it can be used for the destruction of toxic substances and nuclear refusals as well as for the partial or total overcoming of the strength of gravity. The flows of thin strength can be useful as systems of alarm against earthquakes, floods and meteorites falls. In the communication field the flows of thin strength can replace the traditional methods. The same meteorological phenomena can be governed. The true strength healerfor the spirit, the soul and the body is represented by the flows of thin strength.

The pre-atomic crystals with their emanations represent the true internal strength of the nature!